Our sustainability philosophy – Kerry Parker

Our sustainability philosophy

Why do we care about sustainability?

The initiative has given the opportunity for business leaders of all industries to come together and discuss the environmental issues we are facing. It cannot be denied there have been plenty of priceless advancements given to us by nature's resources. The problem lies, however, with how these resources are being taken.

What about the fashion industry?

The fashion industry, like most other industries, can affect the environment terribly. For example, washing garments made from synthetic fabrics releases around 1,900 microfibres into the water, which ultimately end up in our oceans. Small aquatic organisms ingest the microfibres, who are eaten by small fish, who are then eaten by bigger fish. This is one way plastic finds its way into our food chain. Another huge issue within the fashion industry is the amount of textile waste produced every year by people disposing of their old clothes, as well as companies discarding unused materials and faulty items.

A challenge

It's time to come together - businesses and customers - and change course. Uniting as a team will only make us stronger in the fight for sustainability. A global team is needed for global change. These changes can sometimes be difficult to implement and we are always learning, but what matters is that we all try. It isn’t a matter of ‘if’ or ‘when’ — our mission starts now.

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