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About Us


The Legacy

Founded in late 2017 by Arpita Sarin, 'Miss Parker' is the namesake for her alter ego. Coming from orthodox and over-protected environments-native to her Indian roots, the label became a conduit for her Rebellion and Free Expression - The Bold, yet Classy way.
A Fashion Design & Marketing alumna at The Central Saint Martins, University of Arts London, she conceived 'Kerry Parker' as a testing ground where she could build on her own abilities and utilize the time she had post graduation to do what she loved.
At a time when gloves were the boring opera length Satins - Kerry Parker stepped in to disrupt! Currently, we place ourselves as the ONLY Multi Segment & exclusively Made to Measure Label that Creates consistently yet Consciously.


What We Do

At Kerry Parker we try to amalgamate the precision of luxury with the hottest trends of high street. We are inspired by all things pretty and try to do an even prettier rendition of our own. The final pieces are priced such so they are more accessible.
We do not mass produce as we like to pour our heart and soul into every piece we make. We offer customization on pretty much all products as we understand every client is unique and every vision - a masterpiece waiting to be fabricated!

& the How

Our team is split between Delhi, India and Covent Garden, UK. Our set-up consists of the main atelier, where our designers and a small team of specialized tailors work together to bring ideas to life. We are a group of young students venturing into what makes us happy: pretty things! Through our business we provide secure employment to refugees and the less privileged. Over time they have become core members of our process, bringing in hints of cross cultural elements that are evident in our designs.
The process sits at the core of all that we do. You may call us amateurs with a rather wild spirit but strong business ethics. Sometimes we sketch out the final looks and tweak around with different textiles to achieve it, and other times we accumulate rich fabrics first and then plan on the best way to create something elegant. So basically it can go from constructing to deconstructing to reverse engineering the final products. Each detail is hand made/ hand sewn as conceived.

But Also the Why

Besides our prime environmental goals of Fashion Minimalism and pushing Slow Fashion into the main scene - in the most accessible way possible; There are some things we've been manifesting for a LONG time now - And can't wait to reveal them to the world!
Watch this space as the mystery unfolds. For now all we can say is- Each penny you invest in on your Parkers, is accumulating into something you WILL be proud of.

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