The MEH. – Kerry Parker
The MEH.
The MEH.
The MEH.

The MEH.

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Making and Processing Time : 3-4 weeks

Because flowery fairytales can not be everyone's go-to style and Fashion doesn't discriminate.

If you are a sassy Bad-ass, then you will love this. Now you don't just have to speak your mind, you can also wear it. These fishnets are Bold and Brazen, just like you!

Material: Nylon Spandex
The material has ample stretch.
One-size This is a delicate product, handcrafted to perfection and made to order.
Hand wash with cold water and lay flat to dry.

Style Advice: Adorn it to perfection with a pair of hot shorts and lace-up cropped t-shirt or a playful boho dress!

© 2018, Kerry Parker, Stylar Footwear Industries

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