Carolyn Bessette Style Gloves – Kerry Parker
Carolyn Bessette Style Gloves

Carolyn Bessette Style Gloves

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(Please note we only stitch to measure)

We're bringing back all the love from the exquisite Victorian era - the dramatic prints, the ravishing ruffles and most importantly, sheer brilliance!

Sheer white gloves crafted out of finest silk tulle, inspired by the classic style of Carolyn Bessette. The perfect addition to your wardrobe for days when you feel all lady-like! Trust us when we say it, there are a million ways to style this pair- Whether you are a bride to be, a bridesmaid or just plan to add a tinge of Victorian drama to your attire at the fashion week!

Imagine walking down the aisle with these lovelies going perfectly with your gorgeous train as you look like the epitome of elegance gripping on to your little bouquet! OR you could just keep it casual with a sleek oversized tuxedo dress and this pair ruffled down to the mid of your elbow merging almost magically into your blazer's sleeves. Darling, this nothing but the pair of your dreams!

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