Fishnet Stockings : The Horizon Hues
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A fishnet that brings to you all the heavenly hues of the dusk skyline. We have captured one of nature’s finest works in its most intimate form. The playfulness of the Tuscan sun yellow blends with the brilliance of sky blue, accompanied by a tinge of tangerine, the beauty of bronze and the incense of ivory. The bigger flowers take the centre stage, they ascend from and descend into a scattering of little blooms, the Swarovski complements the scene like dew drops.

When all of these colours come together, there is no room for error. So take out that amazing white summer dress and pair it with this limited edition piece, or sport it with a short metallic skirt and crop top to the next rock concert! Hand to God, the horizon never disappoints.

  • Material: Nylon Spandex
  • The material has ample stretch.
  • One-size
  • This is a delicate product, handcrafted to perfection and made to order.