Social Responsibility

  • Kerry Parker believes in ethical business practices and the same reflects in our decisions as a socially responsible firm. We believe in giving back to the society the trust vested in us.
  •  Each item produced at our atelier is cruelty free consisting of materials that are NOT sourced from animals. Vegan Leather looks and feels exactly like leather, but does not involve any abuse or brutality towards animals in the process of its synthesis, hence keeping a tab on our carbon footprint.
  • Our team of designers and tailors consists of diverse individuals. Every penny you spend at our store ensures Job security to our existing labour force as well as job opportunities for deprived refugees.
  •  We believe that our buyers are our family and no part of our extended family must feel culpable about buying things that they love, on that account we always make sure that we follow policies and practices that make this world a better place.