Fishnet Stockings : Ombre New York Sky
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KerryParkerStore Ombre New York Sky Fishnet Stockings
Inspired by the sky of New York, that turns pink twice a year and makes our heart skip a beat, this fishnet is a vision in pink. Its mesmerising how one colour blends into another with such ease and finesse. Notice how the white turns subtly into blush, that slides its way to a deeper shade of rose, then the sharp punch of magenta gives way to the luscious lavender and mulberry florets and finally wine takes the lead. The masterpiece is adorned with Swarovski crystals and rhombus jewels; this is what love looks like!
• Material: Nylon Spandex
• The material has ample stretch.
• One-size
• This is a delicate product, handcrafted to perfection and made to order.