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Welcome to Kerry Parker!

If you have made it to this page, we sure have got you curious. At Kerry Parker we believe that every piece you adorn should be distinct enough to put the spotlight on you the second you step out, but without burning a hole in your wallets. We amalgamate the precision of luxury with the pace of high street fashion, identifying somewhat as a mix of Haute couture and Pret- a- Porter. That is, we give you the intricate detailings and customization possibilities at prices that you need not break the bank for. Each product you find on this portal has tremendous amount of thought as well as labour hours put in to bring it to life. These limited edition and made to order pieces are reminiscent to the flamboyance of the Victorian era and the quirkiness of the 21st century. Kerry Parker is a socially responsible brand that believes in operating in an ethical and environment friendly manner. We believe that our buyers are our family and no part of our extended family must feel culpable about buying things that they love, on that account we always make sure that we follow policies and practices that make this world a better place. We only use vegan and ethically sourced raw material to manufacture our range.

Now that we have briefed you about what we do, let us talk about us - Team Kerry Parker. The brand is the brain-child of a team of young people, freshly out of college and spiked with energy to make it big. We are split accross two continents, touching base at Delhi, India and London, UK. What started off as a family business soon transformed into a much bigger project where we make the best of fashion, affordable and accessible. We are firm believers of the fact that the way you present yourself impacts your life by unimaginable degrees. Since what you wear is a major part of your persona, we are at your behest to make you look like a million bucks. We are crazy, dramatic and over the top exotic! And we can't wait for you to become a part of our journey of transforming trends, breaking rules, spreading smiles, personifying passions and most importantly fulfilling dreams! 


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Customer Support : care@kerryparker.uk

Join Our Team : careers@kerryparker.uk

Media collaborations / Shoot sourcing requests : media@kerryparker.uk